North America’s 5 Smartest Cities

More and more, people are migrating to cities. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, 70 percent of the world’s population will live in one by 2050. It’s a compelling reason cities for cities to concentrate on acquiring better mobile technology and optimized infrastructure. In short, cities need to get smarter.

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Recently Fast Company compiled a list of North Amercia’s 10 smartest cities, defining a “smart city” as one that “has a broad, integrated approach to improving the efficiency of city operations, the quality of life for its citizens, and growing the local economy.” Here are the top five, with data from PayScale’s Research Center about each city’s median salary and most popular jobs in the metro area.  

1. Seattle

From the economy to the local government, Seattle is making sustainability a priority with support for organizations like Climate Solutions and Sustainable Seattle. Seattle’s most popular job is a Software Engineer, and the city’s median salary is $71,672.     

2. Boston

When it comes to North America, Boston offers the most patents per capita and venture capital per capita — two enticing tidbits for any entrepreneur. Boston’s most popular job is also Software Engineer, and the city’s median salary is $71,546.    

3. San Francisco

Entrepreneurial ecosystems and sustainable urban development are thriving businesses in San Francisco, a very promising sign for the city. Like Seattle and Boston, San Francisco’s most popular job is also Software Engineer, and the city’s median salary is $81,551 – notably higher than other cities due San Francisco’s high cost of living.  

4. Washington D.C.

Walking, biking, and public transit make Washington D.C. an ideal city for mobility — a key component to improving quality of life. The most popular job in Washington D.C. is an executive assistant, which comes with an average salary of $54,293.

5. New York

Adopting electric vehicles and embracing green regeneration are some of the sustainable measures that have landed New York atop the best in sustainability. Like Washington D.C., the most popular job in New York City is an Executive Assistant, with an average salary of $58,694.

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