Half of Global Workers Say Their Office Environment is Safe and Healthy

New research by Ipsos for Reuters News finds that 47 percent of global workers feel their workplace has a "psychologically safe and healthy environment," while 27 percent of the respondents disagree with that statement entirely. Ipsos polled 14,618 employees from 24 countries to gauge how safe they felt their workplace was physically and emotionally.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, respondents from Canada and the U.S. were most likely to rate their workplace as healthy and safe. Workers in Argentina, Mexico, Hungary and Spain led the pack in proclaiming their office environment as toxic. Demographics seemed to play a role in the Ipsos study as well: the employees most likely to rate their workplace as unhealthy had low or medium education and a low household income. Workers with higher salaries and education tended to rank their workplaces as healthy.

The full Ipsos chart appears below. For context, participants were asked to agree or disagree with the statement, "Overall, my current workplace is a psychologically safe and healthy environment to work in," ranking their responses from 1 to 10. Are you surprised at any of the rankings?

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(Photo credit: Ipsos)