The Most Optimistic Flight Attendants (Probably) Work For Alaska Airlines

When you think of employees who are optimistic about their employer’s future, it’s easy to understand why occupations like dentists, college professors, and surgeons top the list. In general, people with these job titles feel incredibly optimistic about their employer’s future, perhaps because there will always be a need for these types of jobs. But there is one job on the list that stands out from the rest, and it turns out that people in this role are more optimistic about their employer’s future than any other job, despite what you might think.

optimistic employees

In a survey of over 425,000 workers, we found that flight attendants have the most optimistic view of their employer’s future, making them the most optimistic workers in our latest report. What is interesting about this finding is that most people perceive that flight attendants have a less than glamorous job. Think about it – in order to show up for work, they have to enter what you and I might call the most awful place in the world: the airport. And that’s just the beginning of their workday.

Additionally, flight attendants work in some of the most confined spaces of any type of job. Even worse, they have the least amount of legroom compared to other workers on this list. Not to mention they, along with the pilots, work thousands of feet up in the air in order to keep you comfortable, and safe. In order to better understand why these employees are so optimistic, perhaps it’s better to look at the airlines for which they work. In a previous study at PayScale, we found out which airline has the happiest employees. See for yourself where the happiest flight attendants (probably) work.

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