Is Your Overloaded Schedule Holding Back Your Career?

Some believe that staying busy is good, but a new column in Forbes argues that being too busy might actually hold back your career. Is it time to clear your schedule in the name of success?

Possibly. In general, we aren’t great at prioritizing or zooming out to see the big picture. Yes, crossing off tasks on today’s to-do list might feel great, but as the Daily Muse points out, “A fraction of the work you do each day has important long-term implications on your career, and you need to plan ahead so you’re putting your best mental energy there.”

In addition, an overloaded schedule can inhibit creativity and productivity. Downtime is essential to recharging your inspiration and can has enabled some of history’s greatest breakthroughs. When we’re too busy, our brains aren’t able to get the rest they need to operate at a high level of efficiency.

How do you clear your overloaded schedule?

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