The PropsToYou App Gamifies Project Management

The PropsToYou app gamifies project management by encouraging employees to collaborate with each other and crank out tasks for points and prizes. Managers and team leaders can use the tool to recognize workers’ efforts and track their skill development over time. Can this app boost engagement and productivity?

Possibly. PropsToYou makes employee feedback more objective, if a little more detached. “If you leave someone out or the recognition criteria appear arbitary, you’ll spread resentment in your team,” reads the PropsToYou website. “PropsToYou picks the right reward for the right person, at the right frequency. And since the choice is based on measured performance and out of your hands, no one can accuse you of favoritism.”

PropsToYou positions itself as “game-based productivity,” leveraging game mechanics and our natural competitive spirit to incentivize actions that will further employees’ career success. Check out a promo video for the tool below. Would you ever use it?

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