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Pomona College or Penn State University? PayScale can tell you which college is most likely to lead to a high-paying job after you graduate. But, what is it actually like to attend these or other schools? This question is best answered by students who have actually been there. To collect more first-hand information like this, we have created a new school reviews feature on PayScale.

From most interesting classes to best professors, we’re inviting former and current students to rate and comment on a school they have attended.

Ready to say your piece? If you have attended classes at a university or college, whether you graduated or not, follow these steps to add your review:

1. Go to our index of schools.

2. Find your school’s name and click through to that school’s page in PayScale’s Research Center.

3. Scroll down to the “School Rating” box and click on “Write your review.”

4. Rate your school from 1 to 5, write an optional summary statement (will show up as a title) and then write your full review.
School Review Form

Be honest. Share your perspective. And, encourage your friends to do the same. Our goal is to help prospective students make the best decision on which school gets their precious tuition dollars.

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