10 Sexy Jobs and What They Pay

10 Sexiest Jobs

By Lydia Dishman

Is your job sexy? The dictionary defines sexy as: “marked by or tending to arouse desire or interest,” but that’s about as subjective as saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder – it depends on who you ask. So we turned to the experts – career experts — for a more tantalizing approach. And their answers to what elevates a job from stale to sizzling might surprise you.

Nonprofit Director of Development – Annual Salary $51,000

If you thought money and power alone could be compelling, Sarah Licha, director of human resources at Federation CJA urges you to think about raising money for a good cause. Development directors support nonprofit agencies by tapping philanthropists, foundations and corporations for funding sources. Says Licha, “These are powerful positions handling money and management, but at the same time they contribute to a better world,” not to mention a growing trend in business.

Private Equity Portfolio Analyst – Annual Salary $53,600

Roy Cohen, career coach and author of The Wall Street Professional's Survival Guide says these jobs are desirable (and sexy) because they have the potential to pay substantial salaries, both base and bonus, as well as offer other incentives. “They often involve travel, sometimes international, and interaction with senior management of client companies,” notes Cohen. They tend to be intellectually challenging, too.

Senior Manager, Mergers & Acquisitions
– Annual Salary $116,700

The meltdown of the financial markets has demonstrated that people who are smart and creative in structuring complex transactions will continue to be in demand, Cohen explains. “As stricter regulatory and compliance rules are introduced and implemented, so, too, are new ways to work around them,” he says. And what’s sexier than finding a loophole?

Marketing and PR Manager – Annual Salary $59,700

Amelia Gandomi Lewis an HR consultant and executive coach, points out that status-oriented Millenials who spent big bucks on pedigreed education, but still need to pay bills, find this gig working highly appealing to their generational values. They are happy to work with people to sell a brand they respect.

Events Management Coordinator – Annual Salary $39,000

“Entry-level job seekers often flock to careers in events management because of the non-traditional hours and less structured working environment,” says Gandomi Lewis. Even more tantalizing is the fact that there are no restrictions based on technical skills or educational level.

Fashion Designer
Annual Salary $60,100

Could you get anything done surrounded by gorgeous models all day? Reality TV certainly plays a part in the rash of students heading off to design school. But Gandomi Lewis says the industry does have its share of celebrity interactions and wealth creation.

Healthcare IT Manager – Annual Salary $69,600

Joey Price, human resources director and founder of Push Consultant Group, finds medical information technology particularly hot. “It combines the use of cutting edge technology and data management with the classic, tried and true fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals,” he says. It’s definitely tantalizing to think of bridging the gap between keyboard clicks and a doctor's touch.

Social Media Community Manager – Annual Salary $53,400

Help build a group of faithful followers by sparking dialogue about their products and service requires a lot of work and dedication, notes Price. But it’s worth it. “Being the voice of your organization to a growing population of Tweeters and Facebook fans is very sexy.”

Registered Nurse – Annual Salary $50,900

Everyone wants to be wanted, says Price, and competent nurses are more in demand than ever as the population ages. RNs enjoy good salaries and flexible working hours says Price, adding, “The work also allows you to make a lasting impact in the lives that you serve.”

Source: All salary data is from PayScale.com. The salaries listed are median, annual salaries for full-time workers with 5-8 years of experience and include any bonuses, commissions, or profit sharing.

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