Can Shortening Your Commute Save Your Life? [infographic]

We've written at length about the risks your commute can pose to your health, but this infographic from College@Home takes things a step further by alleging that shortening your commute by just 20 minutes can save your life. Doing so would cut your heart attack risk by 300 percent, drop your neck and back pain risk by 14 percent, and even lower your obesity risk by 20 percent.

That's because the longer your commute, the higher your chances are for having high cholesterol, recurring neck and back pain, and excess weight. Those with the longest commutes — 46 minutes and up — were much more likely to report that they didn't feel well-rested than those who didn't travel as far to get to work.

A lengthy commute can even hurt your love life: marriages in which one spouse had a commute of at least 45 minutes are 40 percent more likely to end in divorce. Check out more revelations on traffic, commuting and health below.

To learn more about average commute times in your city or industry, visit PayScale's research center.

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(Photo credit: College@Home)