Should You Choose a Big Name Over a Big Salary?

You’re waist-deep in your job search and there it is: the job of your dreams at an even dreamier company. But, when you look at the salary, it’s lower than you should be paid. What do you do: go after the big-name job for the sake of your long-term prospects? Or seek out a job where you’ll be able to make more money?


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Choosy Workers Choose Buzzy Companies

When a company has a near cult-like following (think Apple, Google, Disney, and more) the lure of the brand on their resume can be enough to keep some workers from negotiating a higher salary. Faced with the option of landing the job or losing it due to salary competition, one study shows that executives often take a pay cut when they go to work for big brands.

Are You Getting More Resume Bang Instead of Bucks?

Fast Company points out that working for a big brand can be pretty beneficial, even if the monetary perks aren’t there. What you get in return is long-term benefits to your job prospects like the prestige of working for a well-loved brand, experience that could be world-renowned, and a boost to your personal brand that all could lead to a pay bump next time you change jobs. 

The Alternative: A Bad Brand Can Repel

LinkedIn UK released a study this past summer that showed that no amount of money could entice workers to join up with a struggling company. Nobody wants to go work for a lemon of a business, and if a company is stuck in a bad PR spiral, it can be difficult to get more workers on board when all the rats are fleeing the sinking ship (think Turing Pharmaceuticals).

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