How Do Social Media Restrictions Influence Employee Productivity?

Many companies have social media policies in place to discourage distraction. This Socialcast infographic for Compliance and Safety explores how these restrictions influence employee productivity.

Over half of workers surveyed by Robert Half Technology — 54 percent — reported that they prohibit employees from visiting social networks of any kind while at work. Nineteen percent let teams use them, but only for business purposes. A little over one-fourth of companies enable workers to visit social media sites: 16 percent for limited personal use and just 10 percent for unlimited personal use.

Although productivity is often cited as a cause to restrict social media access at work, research indicates that social media might actually improve employee efficiency. A University of Melbourne study discovered that of workers who used the Internet at work, 70 percent engaged in “workplace Internet leisure browsing.” That employee segment was 9 percent more productive than the segment of employees who didn’t WILB.

Check out the full infographic below. Has it made you rethink your position on social media at work?

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(Photo credit: Compliance and Safety)