How to Bring Good Energy to Your Office

good energy

Winter is here and much of the country is under ice and snow. It’s hard to get excited about going to the office when it’s dark and cold out.

So how can you bring good vibes to your desk every day? There are some easy ways not to fake happiness, but to inspire it in yourself and your coworkers, too!

1. Try to Stay Positive

When the boss introduces a new project that seems a little strange or complicated, don’t be the one to moan in the middle of the meeting. Try to keep an open mind during project launches and when new ideas are being floated to the group. It’s one thing to have concerns and voice them, and quite another to always be the source of negative energy in the room.

2. Get Some Exercise Before Work

You might already be trying to move more as a part of a New Year’s resolution, but did you know that working out can boost your mood, too? Just a few minutes of exercise can clear the mind, and you might as well get it over with before work.

Yes, it’s dark and cold, but it’s also a great time to spend some time at the gym to benefit your body and your mind. The American Psychological Association has many studies on the benefits of exercise for the old brain.

“The link between exercise and mood is pretty strong,” says Michael Otto, PhD, a professor of psychology at Boston University. “Usually within five minutes after moderate exercise you get a mood-enhancement effect.”

3. Eat Well

Hand-in-hand with exercise is some good old-fashioned nutrition.

Gone are the platters of cookies and huge family dinners of the holidays. Here we are in diet-rific January, and you might be overwhelmed with ads on TV and the internet telling you about the latest fad diet.

Instead of going overboard, try to just keep things simple. Pick a heart-healthy meal plan that’s easy to prepare and keep with well after winter ends.

4. Speak Up More in Meetings

Are you the shrinking violet during a meeting, but you kick yourself for not expressing your ideas? Make a change in your life and find ways to make your voice heard, literally.

You might try sitting by the person leading the meeting, so you can more easily make your opinion known. Ponder the topic ahead of time, so you can have your thoughts straight in your mind. Think confident thoughts, and trust that your colleagues will support the good ideas you have to share.

5. Support Your Coworkers

The best way to encourage support is to give some out to your fellow workers. You can verbalize your agreement with someone in a presentation, compliment them on their fine work, share a personal tidbit that you know is relevant to their interests, or even encourage them with a personal email or note.

It’s not the worst thing to become friendly with your coworkers, so try reaching out to share the love a bit. You might even say “thank you” every now and again, too!


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