Tech Startups are Hiring: How to Land a Job

So, you want to work for a startup? Well, you’re in luck. There’s no better time than the present to begin searching for a job in the startup world. It looks like tech startups are in the lead when it comes to scouting for and hiring talent, with nearly 90 percent of startup founders planning to staff their businesses this year. The plethora of jobs available is likely due to the fact that startups are focused on growth, rather than worrying about the bottom line — something that already established businesses are accustomed to doing. And though the job market is still struggling to get on the upswing, tech startups are hungry to succeed, and they want you to work for them — right now.

But how do you inch your way into a startup without knowing a single thing about where to start? Easy: it’s all about skills and talent, baby.

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According to a recent startup survey by Silicon Valley Bank, nine out of 10 respondents stated that it’s difficult to find qualified workers with the skills they need. Tech startup founders are looking for top-notch, cream-of-the-crop, highly skilled engineers, software developers and IT professionals who stay ahead of the game when it comes to tech trends. And because startups live in a much more fast-paced world than the rest of us, you’ll only be the fit they’re looking for if you’re willing to teach yourself new skills, new programming languages and take initiative to learn all you can about your industry.

If you find that you do have the skill and talent a tech startup needs, just know that the culture might not be the right fit for you. There’s a reason why most people forgo the entrepreneurial lifestyle — it’s simply not for everyone. And that’s okay. But, if you’re looking for job security and a steady role, you’re not going to find those things working in the startup world. However, if you’re up for a challenging job that will allow you to dip into other roles along the way, you’ll probably find that working for a startup is the perfect career path you. Bonus if you have the work ethic, passion and mindset to truly innovate, because if you have those qualities, the outlook of you landing your dream gig with a tech startup is very good.

Learn more about what tech startup founders are looking for when hiring talent in the full Silicon Valley Bank Startup Outlook Report.

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