Terefic Simplifies the Job Reference Process

Job references are a necessary yet hassle-filled part of the application process for both employer and candidate, and Terefic is a new tool that hopes to streamline the process. Terefic enables jobseekers to essentially build a portfolio of confidential job references from friends, coworkers and former colleagues; when it comes time for a company to vet job references, they simply visit the candidate's Terefic profile.

Such a service simplifies the process from all angles. The job candidate no longer needs to get in contact with past references for new applications, while the prospective employer doesn't need to play phone tag. Even the references themselves have it easier, as they only need to give one recommendation no matter how many applications the candidate fills out.

"I sincerely believe that our site can make a positive difference for the jobseekers," said Terefic founder Emmanual Toutain to Mashable. "A good reference can carry a lot of weight in the hiring decision." To learn more about Terefic, check out the video below.

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