The 10 Whitest Jobs in America

White workers make up 81 percent of the total workforce, but 90 percent of some job titles, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


(Photo Credit: Army Medicine/Flickr)

In a recent article on jobs with a lack of racial diversity, The Atlantic lists 33 occupations in which nine out of 10 workers are white, including:

1. Veterinarians: 96 percent

2. Farmers: 95.8 percent

3. Mining Machine Operators: 95.4 percent

4. Speech-Language Pathologists: 94.5 percent

5. Millwrights: 94.3 percent

6. Chemical-Processing Machine Workers: 94.1 percent

7. Cost Estimators: 93.9 percent

8. Sheet Metal Workers: 93.5 percent

9. Aircraft Pilots: 93 percent

10. Small Engine Mechanics: 92.9 percent

As The Atlantic‘s Derek Thompson points out, mostly-white occupations aren’t the only way in which the workforces is “stratified by race.”

“The differences in unemployment rates, participation rates, and average earnings between whites, blacks, and Hispanics aren’t just stark. They’re also sturdy, rarely yielding over the last 40 years,” he writes.

For example, the most recent jobs report shows a total unemployment rate of 7.3 percent. Among whites, that number was 6.3 percent; among blacks, 13.1 percent; Asians, 5.2 percent; Hispanics or Latinos, 9.1 percent.

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