The 13 Best Jobs for Cat People

If there is one thing some people will never agree upon, it is which pet is superior: dogs or cats. These strong opinions are the result of innate personality differences in cat lovers vs. dog lovers. And, of course, our personalities inform our best career choices.

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Cat People Personalities

CBS News reported on the differences between dog people and cat people. Dogs and cats have different traits, therefore, it makes sense that people would be attracted to either dogs or cats based upon the traits they value or prefer. Cats are much more independent than dogs, and cat owners likely respect their pets’ ability to think for themselves. Cat owners tend to be open-minded and non-conformist.

While cats may be cautious around strangers, they are extremely affectionate with their owners. Cat owners tend to be more sensitive and more introverted than dog owners.

In general, cat lovers may enjoy curling up with a good book. The cat is likely to come curl up on the owner’s lap, and unlike dogs, the cat does not need to be taken for a walk. Only cat lovers may truly appreciate the joy of sleepy, warm ball of fur purring in your lap.

Of course, cats have their playful side. But as the independent thinkers that they are, they chase the string when they feel like it and on their own terms.

Cat People Jobs

Cat lovers are often introverted, sensitive, and intelligent. Hence, their jobs should allow them to work independently and not require excessive amounts of contact with a wide variety of people.

Of course, finding the perfect fit, career-wise, isn’t as easy as picking a side on the dog person/cat person debate. But if you think of yourself as a “typical cat person,” with introverted, sensitive traits, consider these occupations:

  • If you are a cat lover, are well-organized and like history, you may enjoy working as an archivist. Archivists review and manage historical documents for appraisal and safekeeping. 
  • If you enjoy the law, court reporters must pay close attention to what is going on in the courtroom, but they really are “flies on the wall.” Court reporting requires meticulous attention to detail. 
  • There are good jobs for introverts in media. Film editors often work independently or with a small group, screening television and movie clips, deciding what stays and what gets left on the cutting room floor. 
  • If you are good with numbers, accounting or financial analysis may be the career for you. 
  • And if you love science, are a good student and able to complete a Ph.D., astronomers spend their evenings watching the sky and documenting changes. Geologists spend long hours collecting minerals and examining them, uninterrupted, in their laboratories. 
  • A sensitive cat lover may truly enjoy working as an animal care specialist in either a shelter or a veterinarian’s office. 
  • Creative and independent thinkers are often successful in the arts. You may enjoy and be especially good at writing or painting. You could be an author or an illustrator
  • And lots of sensitive people are well-suited for careers in technology. Graphic design and software development require much time spent thinking and playing with different ideas. While the title “social media manager” sounds like a good job for an extrovert, just the opposite is true. A social media manager oversees a company’s online presence.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of jobs and career choices for cat people personalities. Dog lovers are likely to succeed in different careers than cat lovers. Taking your other interests into account, look for positions that allow you to work independently.

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