The 5 Happiest, Healthiest Jobs in America

If you want to feel good, both physically and mentally, you’re better off being a doctor or a teacher than a transportation worker, according to a recent Gallup poll.

The survey measured American’s physical, emotional, and financial well-being by examining factors such as exercise, produce consumption, obesity, smoking, view of their workplace, and relationship to management.

Here were the top five jobs:

1. Physician

2. Teacher (K – 12)

3. Business Owner

4. Professional (not including physicians, nurses, and teachers)

5. Manager, executive, or official

As for the transportation industry’s low ranking on the list, the problem appears to be a combination of less frequent exercise, lower produce consumption, and higher smoking, all of which put workers at risk for chronic diseases. The poll also found that clerical and manufacturing workers had lower rates of exercise, probably due to longer hours and sedentary jobs.

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