The Best #DistractinglySexy Tweets

After Nobel Prize winner Sir Tim Hunt made headlines with a long, public and shockingly sexist diatribe about why he thought women were more of a distraction than a benefit in labs, hundreds of female scientists have taken to Twitter to call him out on his comments. These female STEM workers are posting photos of themselves at work, decked out in their daily uniforms of lab coats, hazmat suits, hairnets and goggles, with the hashtag #DistractinglySexy


Photo credit: Flickr/Expert Infantry

The results are not only extremely effective at showing the inanity of the now infamous comments, but they are absolutely hilarious. 

Here are some of our favorite #DistractinglySexy tweets:


These brilliant tweets call out the double standard that women face in many workplace environments, especially in male-dominated fields like science, technology, engineering and math. Since the widespread criticism, Sir Hunt has since resigned from The University College of London.

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