The Secret to Better Sleep [infographic]

To be at your most productive at work and in life, a good night’s sleep is essential. This Greatist infographic shows the benefits of a good night’s sleep, one of which is having a better day at work.

A good night’s rest can reduce stress, improve your memory, assist in weight loss and help you heal faster. It can also reduce inflammation that could lead to heart-related conditions, cancer and diabetes. Good rest can also make you more alert and give you a faster reaction time.

In Spain, businesses actually close for a couple of hours during the day so that workers can take naps. This is known as a siesta. The benefits of a nap are plentiful. Your productivity can be improved by 30 percent, while your stress and risk of heart disease is reduced by 34 percent. This also gives you more energy and can lower the risk of accidents on the job.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on the secret to better sleep.

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(Photo credit: Greatist)