The Tipping Point: How Tips Impact Wages [infographic]

For the person who waits tables for a living, few things are more intense than the fear of being stiffed on the tip. Restaurant servers know what I'm talking about. When it is the end of the month and you have one more Saturday night shift left before rent is due, you are literally banking on your customers to keep a roof over your head. But for those who have never waited tables, you have to wonder — are tips really that important? To find out, check out PayScale's recently released 2012-2013 Tipping Study

It turns out your tips matter a great deal to your waitress, who relies on gratuities to make up 58 percent of her income. Bartenders aren't far behind restaurant wait staff. The person who mixes your martini hopes you are a generous tipper because 52 percent of his or her income comes from tips. 

Curious about who else depends on tips for a significant portion of income. Click over to our 2012-2013 Tipping Study, in which we look at service workers across a wide variety of industries. Also, check out our latest infographic, which details common service workers and their typical hour wages plus tips. 

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2012 Tipping Package

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