Top IT Employers

We recently released a story comparing IT Employers across several factors, such as typical pay, stress levels, typical age, gender breakdown, etc.

There are some similarities across the employers (e.g. they pay well compared to the typical U.S. employer, they offer generally more flexible schedules, etc.), however there are some stark differences. For example, the median age of IBM workers is 44, while those at Facebook have a median age of 26 and boasts the youngest workforce among top IT companies.

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Top IT Employers: Company Culture

As mentioned above, the range in typical age is highly variable across the IT companies examined. Similarly there are large differences across typical years of experience and years with employer. Workers at IBM are not only the oldest on average, they are also the most experienced and have been with the company the longest (18 years and 8 years respectively).

In comparison, the typical employee of Facebook has only ~3 years of experience and has been with the company less than 1 year.

Some IT companies have been on a hiring spree lately and thus the big players like AmazonGoogle and Microsoft have typical tenures of only a couple of years or less even though their workers are fairly experienced.

One thing that is hard to ignore is how male dominated the IT industry is. All 9 companies in the report have a gender breakdown that is at least 2/3 male — In fact the majority of the companies are over 3/4 male.

Top IT Employers: Pay and Benefits

Unsurprisingly, working at a top IT firm brings top dollar. The company offering the highest median pay to its new workers (~2 years of experience) is Microsoft at $86,900, while the company offering the highest median pay to its mid-career workers (~15 years of experience) is Google at $141,000.

On average, employees from the top IT employers earn pay that is ~11% higher than similar workers holding similar roles at other companies. The company to offer the biggest pay premium is Google — workers at google earn pay 23% higher than similar workers holding similar roles at other companies.

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Katie Bardaro
Research Analyst, PayScale, Inc.