Under Pressure: Job Stress in the Tech World

Go to dinner with a group of friends in the tech industry and the conversation will often turn into an argument about who is the most stressed out. The competition is fierce, like a good old-fashioned pie eating contest, because in both cases the winner is rewarded with heartburn, nausea, and stomach cramps. We at PayScale wanted to settle the argument, so we gathered the data to find out, in today's Geek Universe, which workers are actually the most stressed?

PayScale asked workers at top tech companies to rate their stress levels as one of the following options:

  • Extremely stressful
  • Fairly stressful
  • A little stressful
  • Not stressful
  • My job is relaxing

We focused on the number of respondents who said their jobs were extremely or fairly stressful. We found that employee stress levels varied widely among tech companies. (Also, we'd really like to meet the people who can honestly say their jobs are relaxing. We imagine them floating on kayaks, balancing their laptops and their mojitos while being fanned with palm fronds.) 

The three companies with workers reporting the highest stress levels were:

  1. Monster.com (82%)
  2. Samsung (74%)
  3. Salesforce.com (73%) 

The three companies reporting the lowest stress level among workers were:

  1. Nokia (48%)
  2. Yahoo (53%)
  3. Google (57%) 

Are you an employee at any of the companies listed here? We want to hear from you. Do our findings reflect your experience? What contributes to your stress levels? Leave us a comment with all the juicy, techy details.

Remember, if you are considering a career in the tech field, be sure to check out our full Top Tech Employer Comparison report to see salaries, job satisfaction levels, and more. 

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