LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Outlines Solution for the Unemployment Crisis

It’s no secret that the U.S. unemployment rate is less than stellar, but according to LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, the figure we should be paying the closest attention to is 3.5 million. That’s the number of available U.S. jobs that remain unfilled. Weiner thinks that as a whole, Americans are inadequately prepared for the growing job categories in today’s economy.

Speaking at the Bay Area Council 2012 Outlook Conference, Weiner said, “I would posit that at least one major driving factor here is… the pace with which technology and innovation is now accelerating. We are outstripping our ability to educate and train the existing workforce.”

How can Americans rebound? Weiner believes it will take a three-pronged approach: cranking up the education system, simplifying the emigration process for highly skilled workers, and investing more in domestic digital infrastructure. Watch his presentation at the Outlook Conference below. What do you think of his plan to solve the unemployment process?

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