What Will the 2013 Digital Landscape Look Like? [infographic]

Social media continues to evolve and will not be going anywhere anytime soon. However, what changes and consistencies can we expect in 2013? This LoveSocial.org infographic will help you sort through the stats.

Some surprising social media facts include the idea that more people have digital identities than passports. Social networks also allow digital citizens to express themselves to issues, brands and each other. This two-way street will never close. Facebook has 152 million unique users as of 2012. That number is sure to grow in 2013.

Some predictions for the future of social media include the idea that mobile devices will overtake personal computers as a user’s go-to source for networking. Popular social platforms will become simplified and sped up on mobile. And emerging social networks will integrate analytics for brands from the get-go, not as an afterthought.

Check out the infographic below for more insights on what the 2013 digital landscape will look like.

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(Photo credit: LoveSocial.org)