Why We Should Invest In More Women-Owned Startups [infographic]

More and more women are proving that to be successful in business, gender is irrelevant. Females can bring qualities and values to a startup environment to make them great leaders, as this Business Insider infographic proves.

Wayne Sutton, startup advisor and founder at PitchTo, argues that we should be making more investments in startups owned by and ran by women. After all, recent statistics show that women tend to generate higher revenues, even though they are given one-third less capital than men. It’s also known that founding teams with mixed genders were able to raise larger rounds.

So what is it that makes women so successful? They ask for exactly what they need and are generally able to secure what is required from investors. Also, with females being productive and successful in business, a female-owned company is able to directly connect and attract female-led ventures to their firms.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on why we should invest in more women-owned startups.

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(Photo credit: Business Insider)