Why Your All-Over-the-Place Resume Is a Good Thing

It’s one of the most common questions received by career coaches, “What should I do with my resume to cover up the fact that I’ve switched jobs a lot?” The answer: don’t. Turn it to your benefit.

A recent post on 99u illustrates just the way to do this. The goal is to turn the interviewer’s thoughts from fears of instability into admiration for your versatility.

“That background is your proof that you can handle uncertainty and come out better for it,” writes Natanial Koloc. “They don’t have to take it on a leap of faith that you can dive into new things and get your bearings quickly — the proof is right there. In a world where every company and organization is moving quickly in a changing landscape, and every hiring manager needs you to onboard quickly and as painlessly as possible, these are great traits to have. Use that as a source of confidence for yourself.”

Koloc also suggests finding the commonalities in your various career adventures, and explaining how those pertain to the job you’re hoping to get at this company.

But whatever you do, don’t distance yourself from your past. It’ll look phony, but worse than that, it will deprive you of an opportunity to demonstrate how your experiences have turned you into the exemplary employee you are today.

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