Women’s Dress Code for Getting a Promotion or Raise

We all have days when we look in the closet and wonder how we are going to survive until we can do laundry. Depending upon where you work, this may be more or less of a problem. Some office dress codes are casual enough that if you have nothing clean but a pair of jeans, you can wear them to work. Regardless of how formal or casual your office, however, there are stricter rules for dress when you are trying to move forward in your career, get a promotion, or receive a raise. When you are ready to ask for a raise or a promotion, plan ahead and wear the outfit that will help you get what you are asking for.

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Look the Part

SheKnows discusses looking the part. If you want to be promoted to an executive position, dress like an executive. Appearing the way an executive is expected to appear sends signals that you belong in an executive position. Of course, you will have to show good executive judgment and behavior to succeed in getting promoted, but dressing the part in preparation for asking for a promotion may help you.

Cover Skin

Even in casual office environments, some apparel choices may hold you back, while others may help you rise.

Shoes are important. Open-toe shoes or any type of sandal, not matter how nice and no matter how hot the weather, send an unprofessional message. To be seen as a true professional, try wearing lightweight, low pumps on hot days.

Avoid showing too much skin if you want to be seen as professional. For example, if you have a sleeveless dress, make sure you have a matching cover-up, and any tank top is out of the question. Better to wear a lightweight blouse with short sleeves.

Color May Matter

We’ve discussed what colors are best in a professional environment before.

Forbes reports on research that concluded waitresses who wear red make bigger tips. This may translate into the office environment, as well. On the day you ask for a raise, add a touch of red. Perhaps a pair of red stud-earrings, or red pumps. This may be the equivalent of the red power tie for men.

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