The World’s Longest Invoice Fights for Independent Workers’ Rights

Independent workers like freelancers and consultants have a new ally in The World's Longest Invoice. This campaign, which is being orchestrated by The Freelancers Union, hopes to draw Congress' attention to contingent workers' rights and especially their right to collect outstanding dues for services provided.

Freelancers can add their names to the World's Longest Invoice along with the services they provided and the amount that's still due to them. On May 22, 2012, the Freelancers Union will present the final invoice to the Senate Labor Committee in New York as ammo for the Freelancer Payment Protection Act. This act would empower freelancers to collect any unpaid invoices over $600 from clients.

Freelancers account for nearly one-third of the U.S. workforce. Some 77 percent have had to deal with nonpayment, according to a Freelancers Union survey. Do you think the World's Longest Invoice will help independent workers fight back against delinquent clients?

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(Photo credit: The World's Longest Invoice/The Freelancers Union)