Which Country’s Young Professionals Exhibit the Riskiest Tech Behavior? [infographic]

Hackers, identity thieves and cyber criminals are rampant in today’s tech-centric society, and BackgroundCheck.org recently compiled this infographic to suss out once and for all which country’s young professionals engage in the riskiest tech behavior.

When it comes to letting others use their computer, young professionals in some countries are far more trusting than others. In the U.S., for example, just 3 percent of respondents said that they have let their business partner jump on their computer. In China, 23 percent said they had.

The tables turn against the U.S., however, when it comes to password management. In India, 61 percent of young professionals say that they change their passwords on a regular basis; just 28 percent of American respondents can say the same.

How about device theft and loss? In Germany and Japan, 96 percent reported that they had never lost a laptop, mobile phone or other device, compared to 33 percent of Americans. Shockingly, 2 percent of young workers in Spain said that they’d had their devices stolen or lost three times.

Check out more revelations on risky tech behavior below.

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(Photo credit: BackgroundCheck.org)