Your Social Media Updates Can Land or Cost You a Job [infographic]

The rise of recruiting via social media means that employers are monitoring sites like Twitter and Facebook like never before. This infographic by Jobvite explores all the various scenarios in which your social media updates can land or cost you a job.

Perception is everything, and the content of status updates and tweets is no exception. Predictably, 78 percent of recruiters were turned off by candidates who expressed their preferences to doing illegal drugs via social media, while 61 percent reacted negatively to sexually themed updates. Recruiters also revealed that they feel more strongly about spelling and grammar errors in candidates’ posts than they do to seeing photos of alcohol consumption.

Other content that candidates should post with caution includes overly religious status updates and, to a lesser degree, political posts. Check out the full infographic below. Have you ever landed a job — or lost one — due to social media?

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(Photo credit: Jobvite)