Government Employment Opportunities: On the Rise

You don't have to be Rudy, Hillary or Obama to seek a job in the U.S. government. reported that government employment opportunities are greatly increasing. A new study by Partnership for Public Service (a nonprofit group) says that the feds are about to start looking for employees to fill 193,000 United States government jobs. The openings - including federal government part time jobs - will occur between now and 2009.

The main causes of these government employment opportunities are the expected retirement of 33% of the federal workforce and the ever-growing war on terror. Additions will include 47,897 jobs at the Department of Homeland Security, 35,505 positions at the Department of Defense as well as 27,243 border patrol agents, customs agents, food inspectors, criminal investigators and TSA airport screeners.  However, government employment opportunities are not limited to US Government security jobs.

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Veteran Jobs: Iraq Veteran Job Opportunities?

If all went according to plan, military reservists who go to war would have their stateside jobs waiting for them when they returned.  However, in the real world, 23 percent of veteran jobs are gone when reservists return, per a report by And many servicemen say the U.S. government is not helping those who are denied their old jobs when they return from Iraq. In short, Iraq veteran job opportunities have become the new casualties of war.

This info is part of a Defense Department survey of military reservists in 2005-2006. In the report, 44 percent were dissatisfied with how the Labor Department handled complaints of discrimination in veteran jobs, 29 percent had problems getting info from government agencies and 77 percent didn't try to get government help because they didn't think it would make a difference. Is this "supporting the troops?" What can be done differently?

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Why Should Employers Care About Employee Engagement?

Most workers around the world are not engaged by their work.

That's according to a recent Towers Perrin study, which finds only 21 percent of employees engaged by their work, meaning they're willing to put in extra effort to help their companies succeed. Meanwhile, 38 percent of workers are partly to fully disengaged.

The study shows that companies with many engaged workers are more likely to retain their top talent and succeed financially than companies with many disengaged workers. The study isn't the only one to uncover a link between employee engagement and companies' financial success. A Wall Street Journal article reports that Hewitt Associates and the Conference Board have released studies reaching the same conclusion: Engaged employees boost the bottom line.

Companies should strive to spur employees toward higher levels of engagement. But how?

Comic Book Artist Salary: How to Be a Comic Book Artist

Name: Dustin Evans
Job Title: Comic Book Artist (Freelance Illustrator)
Where: Tulsa, OK
Employer: Disney, IDW Publishing, Viper Comics, Ape Entertainment, SLG Graphics
Years of Experience: 4
Education: BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from Oklahoma State University

Comic Book Artist Salary: How to Be a Comic Book Artist

Are you interested in becoming a comic book artist?  Look no further, comic book artist Dustin Evans has come to the rescue! In this Salary Story, you'll learn how to be a comic book artist and about the factors that affect a comic book artist salary. The wacky adventures of a comic book artist are just moments away; keep reading!

Nuclear Engineer Salary

Name: Michael Flagg
Job Title: Nuclear Engineer (Reactor Service)
Where: Columbia, Missouri
Employer: University of Missouri - Columbia
Years of Experience: 1.5
Education:B.S. Nuclear Engineering from the University of Missouri - Rolla
Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median nuclear engineer salary, and compare it to petroleum engineering salaries.

Nuclear Engineer Salary

How much money does a nuclear engineer make? You may be hearing that question more and more as the U.S. considers going back to nuclear power. Even now, nuclear engineers are in demand as we found out in this Salary Story with Michael Flagg.

In our chat, he covered nuclear engineer college, a nuclear engineer's necessary skills, the future of nuclear engineers in the market place, factors than can affect a nuclear engineer salary, as well as earnings and advancements of a nuclear engineer. This interview is charged with info!

PayScale – Meeting Icebreakers

Meeting Icebreakers: Put a Little Pep in Your Meetings

The truth is, most people hate meetings. However, fun little meeting icebreakers can go a long way to lighten the mood, alleviate tension and help you get down to business.


Women Leaders: Grit Required

An article in today's Wall Street Journal says female executives identify with the scrutiny Hillary Clinton is experiencing as she campaigns to be president. The story touches on Catalyst's recent report on women in the workplace, which I blogged about last week.

While the story delves into familiar struggles women encounter at work, it also raises a more compelling point: Some of the most successful women in business-leadership positions have learned to stop focusing on gender.

Starting Lawyer Salary: Partner Lawyer Salaries

Wal-Mart is famous (or infamous depending on your POV) for its employees' salaries, and now it appears the big box giant is concerned about today's starting lawyer salary. As recently reported by the Wall Street Journal, Wal-Mart sent a memo to its legal counsel bemoaning an increase in legal fees and pointing a finger at the starting lawyer salary of $160,000.

In the memo, Miguel Rivera Sr., associate general counsel for Wal-Mart, wrote, “The salaries that law firms choose to pay their junior associates are none of our concern."  But then he added, “Based on the size and frequency of the rate increase requests that we have seen over the past three years, it appears that many of the requested increases are largely attributable to the steady, nationwide increases in junior associate salaries.”

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Dental Assistant Salaries and Career Options

Name: Melissa McKaig
Job Title: Dental Assistant
Where: Glendale, AZ
Employer: Westside Endodontic Professionals
Years of Experience: 4
Education: Associate Degree, The Bryman School in Phoenix
Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for median dental assistant salaries.

Dental Assistant Salaries and Career Options

For those interested in dental assistant salaries and career options, this Salary Story provides a perfect introduction. In this interview, Melissa McKaig explains the difference between dental assistant and dental hygienist positions, and gives helpful info on the outlook for dental assistant jobs.

Melissa also discusses dental assistant salaries, certifications for dental assistants, requirements for dental assistant jobs, and how to become a dental assistant. If you're wondering how to earn the best dental assistant salaries and develop a successful career, open wide and keep reading!