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NFL Player Salaries: Tom Brady Keeps His High Earnings


In another big win for 33-year old Tom Brady, he's just signed a four-year extension of his contract with the New England Patriots. According to an ESPN story, "Belichick: My Goals Are Brady's Goals," the New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick has no intention of letting Brady go. Therefore, it is big NFL salary time for Brady, once again.

Brady's new contract is worth $72 million and guarantees him $48 million. The deal makes him the top-paid player in the NFL, based upon annual salary.

Brady started with the Patriots back in 2000 and has already signed one extension of his original contract with them. He has lead the Patriots to three Superbowl wins in a decade. This man is living the NFL dream.

Do you think Brady is worth the salary boost?

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I'll leave you with some stats about what his biggest fans are earning, according to PayScale's salary database.

Average annual salaries in the Boston-Quincy area:

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