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Apple Supports 514,000 US Jobs, Touts App Economy


Apple recently flaunted its job-creation figures with a landing page that proclaims the tech company has created or supported some 514,000 U.S. jobs. Apple enlisted the Analysis Group to study the effect Apple has on the American economy; according to the organization's findings, the app economy alone has created 210,000 jobs.

How can Apple claim to support 304,000 jobs when it only directly employs 47,000? Consider the delivery workers at UPS and FedEx, sales reps at third-party stores and employees who manufacture Apple components, who have all presumably gotten extra work due to Apple and its array of computers, peripherals and iDevices. AllThingsD additionally notes that Apple call centers are all in the U.S. and that it most of its retail workers are employed full-time.

"To be sure, there's no question that Apple has created many job opportunities for jobs in the U.S., whether it's for Apple employees, independent iPad case makers or iPhone app developers, but the numbers here feel inflated," opined Main Street writer Seth Fiegerman. Do you agree with his sentiments? Are you surprised that Apple is responsible for so much job creation in the U.S.?

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