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Celebrity Career-Switching: How Much of a Pay Cut Will Kim Kardashian Take as Mayor of Glendale?


In a recent episode of "Khloe and Lamar," Kim Kardashian revealed that she plans to run for mayor of Glendale, Calif., even going so far as to discuss how she plans to meet the position's residency requirement. 

Such a career move would be far less lucrative than her current endeavors. Forbes estimated that the middle Kardashian earned some $12 million in 2011, while other pundits place the Kardashian clan's collective earnings north of $65 million a year. National salary data for city mayors falls well below these figures:

Ara Najarian, a former mayor and current city council member, has extended Kardashian an opportunity to become the honorary chief deputy of Glendale gearing up for her 2017 campaign. The unpaid gig would enable her to "get a few years under her belt in understanding and getting acquainted with the city," said Najarian. "If she wants to learn how Glendale runs, this is really the best way to do it."

Do you think Kim Kardashian will follow through on her promise to run for mayor? Check out the clip from "Khloe and Lamar" below.

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