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Seattle Geeks Beware: We’re Bringing PayScale Ping-Pong Heat


There are so many ways to geek out – pounding six-shot Americanos at midnight or stuffing yourself with Hot Pockets while leveling up in Diablo III. And then there are geek sports, like Frisbee golf, ping-pong and foosball. We here at PayScale are really good at one of those – ping-pong – and we’re sending our best players to the GeekWire Summer Bash ping-pong tournament next week.

On Thursday June 21st in the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle, hundreds of sweatin’ developers, project managers, entrepreneurs and other techy-types will create a flurry of paddle smacks and whiffs, all on the way to geeky glory. Teams must sign up by midnight tonight then the smack talk and training begins.

Prizes include tech-friendly items like eBook downloads and a limited edition Star Wars XBOX 360 and Kinect.

We’ll interview our PayScale ping-pong athletes, Perry and Mariya, in a post next week. They can’t talk right now. They’re running wind sprints in the parking lot.

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(photo credit: flickr/jasperfields)

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