Mobile Productivity Tools Are Far From Perfect, According to Survey

A recent survey by reveals that mobile productivity tools have a long way to go before they help users work effectively while on the go. Although 77 percent of respondents said that they routinely finish presentations, documents or proposals while outside the office, 84 percent said that they cannot work efficiently while doing so, and 54 percent report that their productivity is actually lower on the go than it is in the office. Why is mobile collaboration so flawed?

Study Reveals Jobs That Will Make You Fat

Several factors contribute to weight gain and obesity, but a CareerBuilder survey revealed that some jobs are more likely to make you fat than others. Some 44 percent of U.S. workers report gaining weight at their current company. What positions do you think were most likely to cause workers to tip the scales?

3 Ways to Reclaim Productivity and Rebound from Work Distractions

Forty-five percent of employees are interrupted at work every 15 minutes. Over half report that they waste over an hour each workday on distractions. The modern workplace is riddled with distractions and interruptions, whether they be the chimes of text messages and emails, coworkers stopping in to share jokes or ask questions, or the latest tweet that requires an immediate response. How can workers reclaim their office time?

Seattle Geeks Beware: We’re Bringing PayScale Ping-Pong Heat

There are so many ways to geek out – pounding six-shot Americanos at midnight or stuffing yourself with Hot Pockets while leveling up in Diablo III. And then there are geek sports, like Frisbee golf, ping-pong and foosball. We here at PayScale are really good at one of those – ping-pong - and we’re sending our best players to the GeekWire Summer Bash ping-pong tournament next week.

Female Mentorship Flourishes as Study Disproves ‘Queen Bee’ Syndrome

The 'Queen Bee' syndrome of the aggressive, sabotaging woman in power has been popularized in pop culture with movies like "The Devil Wears Prada," but new research reveals that this archetype isn't as prevalent as you might think. Nonprofit firm Catalyst followed 742 MBA grads who were classified as "high potential" over a two-year period. Which group of graduates had more mentorship opportunities over that timespan, the men or the women?

11 Stress-Busting Desk Exercises [infographic]

Sedentary jobs are associated with a number of health risks, and this illustrated infographic shares stress-busting desk exercises that can help you stave off some of them without even getting up from your chair. Neck stretches and wrist rolls, for example, can help curb repetitive stress injuries and sore muscles, while water bottle weight lifting and resistance band pulls can help strengthen upper-body muscles.

Want to Take Stanford Classes… For Free?

Imagine you could take courses from Princeton, Stanford or University of Pennsylvania without ever having to apply or attend these elite schools. Now imagine those classes were free. Yes, you read that correctly. Free.

The Shrinking Manufacturing Industry in America

By Katie Bardaro,

This blog post is sponsored by GE but views expressed are those of

How has the workforce changed in America since 1960? GE recently released an interactive data visualization titled, “Working in America?” which examines employment trends in 12 sectors over the last 50+ years (from 1960 to 2011). Not surprisingly, manufacturing showed up as an industry that has experienced dramatic ups and downs in the last five decades – and the drama continues.

Facing the Facebook Facts: Employers Respond to Social Media Use at Work

Are you tweeting in your meetings? Do you complain online about your co-workers’ annoying quirks? If so, your employer probably doesn’t appreciate you sharing proprietary or negative information about their company with the world. But can they do anything about it? Yes, if they have a social media policy.