New Company Programs Let Employees Buy and Sell Vacation Days

Today's employees generally fall into one of two camps -- those who can't take all their vacation days and those who want more vacation -- and companies are increasingly instituting programs to let workers buy and sell their vacation time. Such programs use payroll deductions or credits to reassign paid time off. Can this model help boost recruitment and retention?

Gen Y Report: Gen Y Has the Skills to Help Employers Pay Their Bills

PayScale’s "Gen Y on the Job" report reveals Millennials’ best job and employer options, favorite cities, top job skills, common degrees and more.

In a recent study, PayScale found that Gen Y workers are more likely to have job skills that center around online marketing and social media than other U.S. workers. Three of the top five most commonly reported job skills for Gen Y workers, relative to all U.S. workers, are blogging, social media optimization, and press releases. This didn't surprise me for a few reasons. First, Gen Y uses social networking sites more than older generations, especially Facebook and Twitter. Second, many Gen Y workers have started social media consulting companies after learning how to use them for business or have applied to work in social media roles.

Threat to Teachers’ Job Security Looms Large in Chicago Strike

By Andy Ewing,

The Chicago teachers’ strike is continuing to drag on and may spell trouble for the Obama campaign. The Obama connections are numerous—Chicago, unions, Rahm Emanuel, Arne Duncan, just to name a few. But perhaps the biggest connection between Obama and this strike is what the teachers are fighting hardest—a teacher performance evaluation system based on student performance.

StartupLab: Linking Gen Y Entrepreneurs with Mentors

One of the biggest challenges facing today's young worker is underemployment. Simply put, due to the limited job market, many Gen Y workers are working in jobs far beneath their qualifications. To combat this, many members of the Internet Generation have pursued startups, causing a boom in young entrepreneurialship. But who is mentoring these young leaders?