Unemployment and Wage Trends: Is There a Connection?

When we heard the bad news about unemployment over the last few years, wages went down in many industries and towns, according to our PayScale Index. Do wages always drop when unemployment rises? Since we’ve been tracking wage trends since 2006, we figured we’d take a look back six years and see what we could learn about this question.

Creatives’ Common Phobias [infographic]

By Marissa Brassfield, PayScale.com

You might think that creative professionals have it easy, but this Column Five infographic reveals some of creatives' common phobias. From Comic Sans to Internet outages, these silly and serious stressors prove that workers in this industry have plenty to worry about.

Wages for Food Service Workers Finally See Some Growth

Nobody takes a job in food service expecting a huge salary – unless they’ve watched too many episodes of Top Chef. If you work in food service, it’s either because you have a passion for it or you’re biding time until you move into a different career (you know, like movie star).

Having Trouble Getting Hired? Blame Talent Management Software

If you've been having trouble landing a job lately, talent management software may partially be to blame. Corporate human resources departments are increasingly asking applicants to complete questionnaires or do pre-interview screening sessions that are then graded by a computer algorithm. Can such software really predict a good hire better than humans?