5 Majors That Pay the Least: A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Cinderella who skipped the ball to go to college. She dreamed of earning a fat salary to finally buy some nicer clothes. She just didn't know what major to choose. With no fairy godmother to guide her, Cinderella majored in child and family studies, believing making a difference in the lives of struggling families would surely garnish a nice paycheck. She was shocked to discover her mid-career earnings would average less than $38,000 per year. Poor Cinderella. She should have gone into engineering. 

The Average U.S. Worker Has HOW Many Free Travel Days?

The U.S. may be known as the no-vacation nation, but Matt Kepnes recently crunched the numbers and revealed that most office workers have far more free travel days than they might think. When you take weekends into play, the standard two-week vacation most of us imagine grows to a whopping 110 potential days a year to travel. That's four months!

How to Quit Your Job and Not Make Your Boss Mad

It sounds silly when you say it out loud. After all, if you're leaving your job, what do you care what the old boss thinks of you, right? Well, in reality, leaving on good terms is better for your career -- and it doesn't hurt to leave a trail of people who wish you well, instead of a wake of destruction.

Election Stats: Romney Wins with Highest Earning Women

In today's edition of PayScale Election Stats, we surveyed users to find out if support of a particular candidate changes for men and women depending on how much they earn. Our data on this topic was stark. Read on for the break down of candidate support by gender and income.