Hacker Tour is a Mobile Recruiting Unit for College Programmers

What do startups like StubHub, SoundCloud, Etsy, Square and Codecademy have in common? They're among the 26 startups that have signed on to sponsor Hacker Tour, a giant tour bus aimed at helping startups connect with and recruit college programmers. Hacker Tour heads from university to university targeting young coders and engineers over a period of eight weeks -- think of a guerrilla career fair. Can savvy recruiting initiatives like this one help fuel entrepreneurship?

4 Reasons to Ditch Set Working Hours

The idea of the 9-to-5 workday is one so pervasive in modern business that it's tough to imagine life without it. In a new article for Inc., Ciplex founder Ilya Pozin writes that it's time to ditch set working hours for good in favor of a more flexible structure. Read on for four of his arguments.

Election Stats: Obama Winning With Women

PayScale surveyed our users to find out which candidate appeals most to each gender. In the 2008 election, Barack Obama was popular among women, receiving 56 percent of their votes, according to exit poll data. Does he carry the support of women voters today? It's the battle of the sexes, election-style. 

Fight for Your Right to… Facebook?

Have you checked out PayScale's "Gen Y On The Job" report yet? If so, you might have noticed the different polls on each page of the report, questions about job perks and social media use. One question received over 1,400 responses. Which question was it and how did the results break down?

Management Lessons From the Valve Employee Handbook

In April, the Valve employee handbook leaked online, sparking a brief frenzy as cult fans of the brand tried to decode its success. OnlineMBA took a different route, creating a helpful, information-packed explainer video with some of the key takeaways and management lessons from the handbook.

The History of Women in Tech [infographic]

This infographic by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers outlines the fascinating history of women in tech. Although women comprise just one-fourth of the workforce in science, tech, engineering and math careers, they've catalyzed some of the most groundbreaking innovations.

Best Majors for Making Money [infographic]

My childhood plans for my life were simple: go to college, become Princess Leia, get married, and then drive around the country in an RV with my grandmother and my dalmatian, drinking orange juice. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered Texas A&M University did not have a Space Princess major -- not even in the school of liberal arts. I was forced to evaluate my options. Did I want a major that would provide philosophical meaning to my life or did I want to earn a hefty paycheck? (Spoiler alert: I became a writer.) 

The Wage Gap: Binders Full of Data

One of the hottest topics to come out of last night’s second presidential debate is equal opportunities for men and women in the workplace, especially the gap in pay between male and female workers. We at PayScale are always glad to hear people discussing the wages, so we consulted our binders… ah-hem, servers full of data and came up with the following perspective.

Gen Y Report: Head (North)West, Gen Y!

PayScale’s "Gen Y on the Job” report reveals Millennials’ best job and employer options, favorite cities, top job skills, common degrees and more. Today we look at the report to find the best metro area for Gen Y workers who are looking to build strong careers in an exciting city.