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Will Online Games Become Next-Gen Apprenticeships?


The most recent McKinsey Public Sector Practice report suggests that online games could form next-generation apprenticeships to help out-of-work youth find employment. This idea isn’t just about fun and games: Fast Company reports that a 2010 study discovered a 9 percent rise in information retention and a 14 percent increase in skill-based knowledge levels in employees who were trained using online games or simulations rather than traditional training.

IBM’s INNOV8 program is one such successful training tool. It’s used at over 1,000 universities and helps IT professionals learn about business process management. Another called out in the report is America’s Army, a shooting game used by the U.S. Army for recruiting purposes.

Fast Company notes that online games could revolutionize the recruiting and hiring process, positing, “What if a company turned its training process into a game and held an open tournament, inviting the highest scorers in for an interview?”

Would you be intrigued if a company offered online games as part of its training program?

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