Love at Work: When Coworkers Marry

Last week, after we released our Office Romance Report, we asked you to tell us your most romantic work stories. Turns out, many of you met your spouse in the office. In honor of Valentine's Day, we at PayScale are wearing red, eating chocolate, and getting a little mushy over your stories. Grab a box of chocolates and read these stories that will melt your heart. 

Office Fashion Week: Playing Dress-Up

In honor of Fashion Week, we decided to play dress-up here at PayScale. We partnered with style-maven Jess Estrada, the Seattle-based author of Fresh Jess, fashion and style blog. Jess joined us at Old Navy, where she put together a few office-chic looks for Aubrey Bach, our Consumer Product Marketing Manager. Read on for her tips on looking fierce and professional at work.

How to React When Emotions Run High at Work

People like to keep their emotions and the workplace far away from each other, but emotional outbursts at work are inevitable. Stressful periods, when trying to win over new clients, when the company's finances are at risk, or any other changes in the company can stir up emotions in employees. However, it's how you react after your outburst that really counts.

Is Following Your Passion Leaving You Broke?

Being passionate about what you do can often be a Catch-22; it can help drive you toward your goals, but it can also blind you to the realistic side of an industry that can actually help you generate some income. J. Maureen Henderson points out in a recent Forbes column that she actually likes that she doesn't sound passionate about her writing: she wants to leave her mind open to the possibilities of the industry and not close herself off to only writing about the subjects she is passionate about. This, she says, would hinder her ability to make money.

Disambiguations and Enhancements – View Ridge Release

By Adam Phillabaum, @adamb0mb

Bonjour! I'm pretty excited for the features we're releasing today. Last release we worked on some behind-the-scenes tools to help us process some of our previously unused data. This release, we are pushing out some new features based on that new data.

Read on to see the new hotness.

The Most Popular Job for Women Has Been the Same for 50 Years

Office design and outfits might have evolved since the Mad Men era, but the most popular job for women is still secretary, according to the U.S. Census. Four million people in the U.S. worked as secretaries or administrative assistants between the years of 2006 and 2010, and 96 percent of those people were female.

How did the job of secretary become women's work? CNN Money has some answers -- as well as an explanation for why women continue to dominate the field today.

Of These 4 Types of Entrepreneurs, Which One Are You?

Most entrepreneurs have a unique way of thinking, which is what makes them self-making go-getters in the first place. However, there are categories of entrepreneurs that most can fit into. It may not seem important to know exactly where you fit in with the business world, but being able to identify where your strengths lie can help you navigate your new venture.

How Successful People Spend Their Weekends

What did you do this weekend? Maybe do a few chores, and then stare alternately at your phone and television until it was time to get ready for Monday morning? Asking for a friend, obviously.

If you did fritter away your weekend, you might be inspired by a new ebook, What Successful People Do on the Weekend. Author and time management expert Laura Vanderkam argues that most of us waste our weekends, because we think doing nothing will help us relax. In fact, totally unstructured time tends to slip through our fingers, bringing us to the beginning of the work week feeling less refreshed and recharged than exhausted and stressed out.