How Much Money Is There, Really?

Even if we're not materialistic people, money is a big part of our lives. It's impossible to have any security without it out -- and security, in turn, allows us to achieve our dreams and have room to be creative. But how much of the green stuff is there on earth?

How to Survive an All-Day Interview

If you're like most of us, finding out that your job interview has turned into a day-long affair will cycle you through just about every single one of Kubler-Ross's stages of grief: first, there will be disbelief, then rage (generally when you realize you won't have a reliable source of coffee for a few hours). Finally, in the end, you'll reach acceptance.

Student Loan Reform: It’s About Time

The national student debt now stands at more than $1 trillion. It marked the first time in U.S. history that college debt outnumbered credit card debt. A bill making its way through Congress aims to help Americans better deal with that burden of college debt.

Creative People Are Jerks, Study Finds

A recent study from BI Norwegian Business School found that creative people are also likely to be emotionally volatile and prickly in relationships. But if this describes you, don't despair. The study also isolated several much more positive signposts of creativity.

Mommy Conventions: Business Trips or Paid Vacations?

Everyone wants to work from home these days, and jobs and companies which allow telecommuting can be few and far between. Working mothers often find the greatest work-life balance when they are allowed to work from home. The fantasy that many people imagine is that of a person who is allowed the luxury of sitting in their pajamas and slippers in front of a laptop, while sipping lattes. All the while, the rest of us have to drag our begrudging behinds into an office to hang out in a cubicle.

What to Do When You’ve Made Someone Angry at Work

Work is a strange place. We're paid to be there, and yet, by virtue of spending so much time with our coworkers, we almost form an ersatz family. No wonder, then, that Peter Bregman's post about what to do when you've made someone angry starts out with an anecdote involving his wife, and being late to dinner.