The 7 Worst States for Startup Entrepreneurs

If you want to start a new business, you might want to think about relocating. A recent report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce shows that some states are better than others when it comes to starting up in the tech world. Does your state rank as one of the worst?

Federal Sequester Slashes Unemployment Checks

Politics just got a whole lot more real for anyone relying on federal jobless benefits. The much-threatened and finally-enacted sequester, an $85 billion slash-and-burn federal budget cut, started trickling down to the everyman these past two months. It translated to, among other things, some folks getting a smaller unemployment check and others being cut off entirely.

Part Time Jobs for Stay-at-Home Parents

Raising kids is no easy task, especially when trying to stretch a single paycheck from week to week. When one parent has decided to stay at home with the family, a part time job can help to provide some much needed financial support. The good news is that there are many part time career options that give stay at home parents the power to earn and create a balanced family life.

It Isn’t Just Super Wealthy Moms Who Choose to Lean Out

It is a common belief that the only mothers who choose to stay at home with their children are those who are super wealthy. Or those who happen to be married to successful doctors and lawyers and can afford to live comfortably enough that they don’t need to go to work. However, the research has shown that many stay-at-home mothers choose home over the office for another reason, one that has more to do with not having enough money than being super wealthy.

Has College Outlived Its Usefulness?

As the cost of college soars to unsustainable heights, its efficacy has been seriously called into question. Students now have direct access to employers, open-access online courses and a jaded outlook of "finding the right fit" when selecting a place to pursue their higher education. With so many colleges giving such a low return on investment, more people demand to know what they're actually paying for.

Baseball’s Search for International Prospects Faces New Spending Limits

Betting big on unproven commodities isn’t something that makes anyone feel comfortable, but that’s exactly what goes on year in, year out in Major League Baseball’s search for gems in the international prospect pool. With a new system in place to limit spending and give lower-ranking teams an edge, not only will clubs have to chase down these young unknowns, but they’ll do so in a more competitive environment.