3 Things to Do When You Get Laid Off

"Layoff" is arguably the scariest word in the English language for most workers, and never more so than during the past few years, when cuts abounded and new jobs were hard to find. But getting laid off can also be one of the best things that ever happened to you. It all depends on how you react in the days and weeks following your pink slip.

When Childless Employees Miss Out on the Benefits of Work-Life Balance

We seem to focus quite a bit these days on businesses that provide benefits and perks to mothers and fathers. Companies that are empathetic to the needs of parents and provide a working environment that helps them balance family and career are repeatedly rated as some of the best companies to work for. What about childless couples though? Are you missing out on these work-life benefits because you don’t have kids?

English Majors Can Earn Big Bucks If They Graduate From These Schools

When a student decides to pursue a degree in English and/or Humanities, the initial reaction that most people have is, “Well, what will you be doing with that degree?” The question comes because unless you plan on being a teacher, the assumption is that the degree won’t translate into a career the way that a more specialized degree such as engineering, business, or computer sciences might after graduation. Of course, there is also the question of return of your investment after you have your degree. Will majoring in English and/or Humanities give you the best return on your investment financially?

Quora Question of the Week: 5 Best Startup Perks

Job satisfaction is something every employee wants, but few are lucky enough to experience during their careers. Long work days, stressful commutes, demanding deadlines, and stagnant salaries combine to make work seem ... well, like work. The good news, according to the Quora community, is that it's very possible for employees to find satisfaction at the office, and it comes in the form of attractive company perks. Let's take a look at the top five perks that Quora members deemed most appealing to the everyday employee.

Here’s Why Your Managers Keep Quitting

Your company might have a lot going for it, but for some reason you can't keep hold of your managers. They just aren't sticking around for very long, and you have no idea why the turnover is so high. Cheri Baker of The Enlightened Manager Blog says the answer is quite simple: good managers want to be able to do their jobs, and they want to be able to do it well.

Summer Dress Code: Do We Really Have to Wear Pantyhose?

At some companies, the dress code is, essentially, "Please be dressed when you come in to code." At others, well, the only way you can tell you're not on the set of "Mad Men" is that everyone has a computer. This causes quite a bit of debate during the summer months, when the usual business attire starts to look less like a charming nod to the past and more like punishment. For working women, the real question is, "Do we still have to wear pantyhose when it's 80 degrees outside?"

Keeping His Tools Clean, Linebacker Spends $600k on Body Upkeep

“Keep your tools clean” was the sage advice an experienced contractor offered me early in my working life. The realization that you can only go as far as your tools will allow was the take-home and is apparently an idea Cincinnati Bengals linebacker James Harrison embraces – the $600,000 he spends annually to care for his body serving as testament.

Employees Compete For Their Jobs in New Fox Reality Series

When you lose on a TV game show, all you give up is a little bit of dignity. But when you lose on Fox's new reality series Does Someone Have to Go, the next stop is the unemployment line. To make matters worse, the pink slip doesn't come from the boss, it comes from the co-workers. Think a group of grown adults can make a rational business decision without it turning into a popularity contest? No way and that's why Fox thinks they have a hit on their hands.

3 Ways to Rebrand Your “Useless” Degree

Every spring, alongside the finance folks and engineers, an entire crop of graduates flood the workforce armed with nothing but a degree that appears to be worth less than a place mat at the fast food restaurant where they are unqualified to work. So what do you do when your degree doesn't automatically qualify you for a career track? Brand yourself better.

3 Tips to Manage a Workaholic

You might think that your hardest, most dedicated workers are the ones who need the least management intervention to stay motivated, but according to a new study out of Florida State University, that's not the case. Workaholics can actually burn out, become frustrated with their workload or even grow resentful of coworkers.