Leadership Lessons from ‘Star Trek’

Taking command of a starship is a lot like running a company. You have to have a vision, a team to help you get the job done, and you have to make tough decisions with your head and not your heart. Feeling a little shaky in the Captain's chair? Here are a few leadership lessons from Star Trek that will help you through tough times.

5 Tips to Hosting Effective Online Meetings

Virtual communication has become a normal part of every job, with so many moving toward careers that involve working from home. Because of this, it's much harder to get everyone into one office to host a meeting, so the next best thing is to host online meetings. However, just like any in-person meeting, these can quickly become huge time-wasters if managed improperly. These tips will help you to learn how to host effective online meetings.

Offer Solutions Instead of Complaints

Managers hire people to fix problems, not complain about them. Employees who are prepared to offer possible solutions are considered highly valuable. These problem-solvers are the ones who keep their jobs in a tight economy. They're also the workers who are offered merit raises, and, eventually, promoted.

It’s Now Illegal For Washington Employers to Request Your Facebook Password

It looks like employees in the state of Washington have one less thing to worry about when it comes to personal privacy in the workplace. Just one month after a last-minute amendment to the Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) was defeated in the House of Representatives, Washington has now become the fifth state this year to make it illegal for employers to request social media passwords from staff and interviewees.

Best College ROIs by Major

PayScale just released the newest feature of our College ROI Report, a breakdown of which colleges provide the best ROI for specific families of majors. Now you can see which schools provide the best return on investment specifically for students who major in English and the Humanities, Business, Engineering, Computer Science and Political Science.

Pitcher Pays for Peace of Mind, Would You?

A clerical error posed an ethical issue for San Francisco Giants pitcher, Jeremy Affeldt. The lefty reliever was handed an extra half-million dollars that shouldn’t have been included in his contract and -- despite it being deemed fully legal to keep -- Affeldt opted to sleep at night and gave the money back.

It Makes Dollars, But Does it Make Sense? The Rising Cost of a College Degree

The cost of college is at an all-time high, thus making the decision to attend (and the ability to afford) college a daunting one. With the "recovering" economy, soaring unemployment rates, and the terrible job market, adding school loan payments to the mix seems risky. Is earning (or having) a degree financially worth it in this day and age? Let's look at some recent data to find out.

Is A Car A Better Investment Than A College Degree?

Cost is, and should be, a significant factor when somebody chooses a college. But why do we have anxiety about taking out loans to pursue a college education and question whether or not a degree from a high-ranking school is worth the student loans that come with that degree, but then have such few qualms about taking out a significant loan for a car. Does that mean that a car is more valuable than a college education?