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Cool Jobs on TV: Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters


There’s something magical about a treehouse. Tucked inside the protective arms of Mother Nature, high above the Earth’s floor, they provide sanctuary from parental interference and fodder for the imagination. It may look like a wooden box on stilts from the outside, but from the inside it’s a pirate ship, a rocket or a medieval castle.

Pete Nelson is a man who never outgrew his love of treehouses. He loved them so much, he set out on a quest to discover and document the most incredible treehouses in the world. These magnificent structures weren’t built for kids in a couple of weekends. They’re marvels of modern engineering and they’re strictly for grown-ups.

Now Nelson has his own team of treehouse builders and you can watch them work on the new Animal Planet series Treehouse Masters.

Treehouse Master 

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Each week’s episode revolves around a treehouse building project with a twist. There’s a circular Irish cottage with a rainmaking mechanism, the world’s first spa in a tree and an enormous full-size apartment with a loft for a Texas rancher.

To get the job done, Nelson employs the same craftsmen you’d need to build a house including plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. But building a structure in the trees requires someone with an understanding of different types of trees and how they grow.

Professional treehouse building also requires knowledge of special techniques that assure the structure will be safe and will remain in its perch for years to come. Constructing a 75,000-pound house with all the amenities is a big job. Building that house up in the trees is the stuff reality shows are made of.

Watch Treehouse Masters every Friday at 10:00 but you can catch a repeat tonight at 10:00 on Animal Planet.

What Do You Think?

UK Building company Blue Forest has their main office in a treehouse. Would you like to work in a tree or would you prefer to keep your feet on the ground?

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 Photo Credit: Treehouse Masters’ Charlie Nelson, Alex, Daryl, Pete Nelson and Chuck pause in front of the Temple of the Blue Moon treehouse at Treehouse Point. Courtesy of Animal Planet

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Replying to Judy: Judy, as a contractor and employer, I would like to offer you a little advice, if I may? Please have your grandson pursue his own employment. While I’m sure he is a capable and fine young man, I would immediately red-flag an employment inquiry that originated from a parent or, in this case, a grandparent. Employers- especially contractors- are looking for independent workers. Please rethink your approach. I sincerely hope this helps.

Paul Carbajal
Paul Carbajal

I am an expert roofer and can use any kind of saw. I have owned my own contracting business and can build and tile. I have many many qualifications for building and constructing. I would love the opportunity to be on a building team, what do I need to do to pursue the chance to be on a team?

Tim Greene
Tim Greene

We would like you all to show us where & how the water is ran to tree & the septic is ran to ? Do you tap into the water & septic that the house uses ? Please show & explain how this is done . Thank you

Judy Puckett
Judy Puckett

My grandson is at the U of Arizona (first year) and will be coming home to West Seattle for the summer. He is looking into an engineering degree. We love your lifestyle of tree house building and its creations. Would you consider him working for you for the summer? It would be a great start to an eventual career! Plus how fun would that be…to work for Pete and his crew!! Judy


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Rana Manvendra Singh
Rana Manvendra Singh

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