Which States Are Richer: Dog States or Cat States?

Most people will tell you, with very little prompting, whether they're dog people or cat people. What they don't mention, and probably never think about, is whether where they live has any relationship to their preference. That's right, thanks to a recent BuzzFeed article, we know there are dog states and cat states. Which made us wonder, which states are richer, states that believe dog is man's best friend, or states that worship felines?

Just Say “Yeah!” to Get Ahead at Work

A study by MIT Sloan School of Management found that words like "speech," "middle," "bottom," "flat," and -- we are not making this up -- "animals" will tank your proposal's chance of success. If you want the boss and your coworkers to look favorably on your work, the best thing to say is "yeah."

3 Tips for Getting Customers to Pay Up

Accounts receivable employees are sometimes between a rock and a hard place: a non-paying customer and a boss who will blame them if the customer does not pay. Follow these tips to maximize your ability to bring home the bacon and keep your boss happy.

7 Ways to Impress a Younger Boss

The workforce has become so diverse that it is no surprise when younger workers take on leadership roles. However, for the employees that happen to be older than said leader, it may take time to transition. Aaron McDaniel, author of "The Young Professional's Guide to Managing," offers a few tips on how employees can impress their younger bosses.

Cool Jobs on TV: Randy to the Rescue

A woman's wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life but the months leading up to that day can be the most stressful. Picking a date, sending out invitations, booking the venue, hiring a caterer; you could have a full-time staff and not get it all done. Then, there's the biggest decision of them all, choosing the right wedding dress.

Women More Engaged Than Men at Work

A recent poll found that more workers have "checked out" of their jobs mentally, but that women tend to be more engaged at work than men. Part of that might have to do with the fact that women are more likely to take advantage of flex time, which contributes to a person's sense of independence and satisfaction.