7 Fresh Tips for a Great First Day at Your New Job

There is plenty of traditional advice out there for making a good impression on your first day on the job. Show up on time, dress for success, ask questions, and other yawn-inducing advice that you’ve heard a million times. We talked to people in person and on Facebook and added our own ideas to bring you a fresh set of tips for a great first day at your new job.

Is Culinary School Worth It?

Meet Anastasia Cassidy, recent graduate of Le Cordon Bleu of Boston. She has kindly agreed to answer some questions for PayScale in the hopes of giving students considering culinary education information to make a wise decision.

What Time Is ‘On Time’ for a Meeting? [infographic]

If you're an early bird, you know how annoying it is to wait in a conference room while the inconsiderate jerks you work with take their sweet time getting to the meeting. And, of course, if you're always fashionably late, you know how pitiful those "get the worm" types are, fuming over their iPads while they wait for the important folks to show up. So, wait -- is there a right time to get to the meeting?

Young People Left Behind in Jobs Recovery

The latest jobless figures show that the economic recovery is leaving young people in the dust. Youth and young adults are underemployed or unemployed at almost recession-era peaks. That's an alarming statistic since the extent that young people aren't realizing their full working potential can have long-term consequences for everyone else.