NFL Tackling Players with Tattoos

We all know that piercings or weird dye jobs might make for an awkward job interview, but could your tattoo keep you from your dream gig? Perhaps, if the NFL has anything to say about it.

Is Big Data the New Miss Cleo?

Everywhere we look, it seems like companies are scrambling for the crystal ball known as Big Data. Of course, statistics are useless unless you know how to read them. That’s why so many people are clamoring for the best data analysts.

Quit Your Job the Right Way

We all need to move on to the next step in our careers at times. We might look for another job because our egos were bruised at our current gig, or we might jump ship for a better position. Best practice is to not burn bridges as we move from one company to the next.

Great Recession Is Great Downer for Generation Z

You could say members of Gen Z are pragmatic. They grew up after 9/11. They’ve seen reports of school violence and the fallout of the Great Recession. They’re more aware of troubling times, and as a result, they’ll be wary with their money, according to this Forbes article. So why so gloomy?

How LinkedIn Helps Passive Job Seekers Land Their Dream Jobs

You already know by now that LinkedIn is a great tool to help with your job search, but it's also the place to be when you're NOT directly looking for a job. Passive job seekers are already employed, but willing to take on a new opportunity, should the offer fit the bill. So, whether you're actively seeking a job or not, LinkedIn is where it's at.

The ‘Ordinary’ Early Jobs of 5 Famous Writers

When you think about the early lives of famous authors, do you picture them toiling away in a garret somewhere, composing deathless prose by the light of a single candle? It turns out, they were more likely to be working under the glare of fluorescents, in an office cubicle similar to yours.

Staying Healthy While Underemployed Sans Health Insurance in America

Imagine going into a local health care center with a simple cold and walking out with a bill totaling $500 or more? For millions of Americans without adequate insurance, this is a reality. The stagnant economy has forced many companies into only hiring part timers, which reduces the costs of benefits and overtime. This has created an entire working population of underemployed with no access to affordable health insurance.