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Cycle While You Work

We have all heard of one of the latest fads in work spaces, the standing desk. "Active workstations" are the next trend in moving while you work.

We have all heard of one of the latest fads in work spaces, the standing desk. “Active workstations” are the next trend in moving while you work.

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Clemson University’s Cooper Library and Academic Success Center has implemented an experimental idea. They have set up active workstations for both students and employees to use while studying or working. These active workstations include a desk area, seat, and cycling pedals.

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Kinesthetic Learning

Educators and psychologists appreciate that many people learn more and in a shorter span of time if they are allowed to move. This learning style is a lifelong characteristic. Just as many students will incorporate information while moving their bodies, workers may increase their productivity when they are able to move instead of sitting still at a desk. Your co-worker who constantly fidgets or gets up to walk around or stretch is a great candidate for an active workstation.

Physical Health

It should go without saying that this is a healthy idea. Some people get exercise by going cycling on the weekend. Now employees may burn calories and improve their cardiovascular health while sitting at their desks.

The Fit Desk

The active work stations are called Fit Desks. Patch reports that researcher June Pilcher, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Psychology, is monitoring the project. It remains to be seen whether any type of work may be done while cycling, or whether some tasks are better done while sitting still. For example, will administrative assistants be able to type while cycling? Business people might find it too loud to have a phone conversation while the pedals whir away. Will workers get a burst of energy from using Fit Desks — or will the cycling will wear them out?

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